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IT and Technical Equipment Relocation

Relay undertakes complete major IT relocations for data centre relocations, which can include installation of telecommunications hardware, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and air-conditioning units and condensers. Our specialist system relocation crews will also be involved in de-racking, re-racking and other key procedures during the transport and relocation of technical equipment. 


IT relocation and data centre relocation make full use of the high level of protection that Relay provides for high value vulnerable assets in transit. Our vehicles are fully equipped for specialist systems relocation and moving computer equipment. They include air-ride suspension, four levels of load-lock, failsafe double strapping and blankets for added security and warmth. For all types of technical equipment relocation, we have the resources at hand for secure and damage-free handling. 

Heating in the load compartment

For transporting high value equipment as part of an IT relocation, a data centre relocation, or the relocation of technical equipment of other categories, maintaining optimum conditions on board is paramount. Heating in the load compartment will ensure that ambient temperature is maintained, which is especially important for specialist systems relocation during the winter months. We at Relay believe that we were the first transport and logistics company to demand this temperature control specification for all new vehicles!

Precise and planned schedules for the relocation of technical equipment are also followed in order to minimise any operational downtime for the customer. This normally makes weekends the ideal time to carry out an IT or a data centre relocation project, typically starting operations at 6pm on a Friday.

Consignments for specialist systems relocation may be split over multiple vehicles to safeguard against unforeseen incidents such as road accident or theft. Our sophisticated IT and communications systems ensure that the status and location of every shipment involving technical equipment relocation is continually and accurately monitored.

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